RCFI hits another record in Orphan funding and utilizing in India

New Delhi: Rs.200 Million worth charity initiatives by an Indian NGO for the up liftment of orphan and widows in the country hits a record in funding and utilizing to the maximum beneficiaries. A total number of 4844 orphan families from 22 states of India has been covered under the orphan care program by Relief and Charitable Foundation of India (RCFI) in association with kind hearted and charity agencies in India and abroad. RCFI under takes the education, food, clothing and daily need expenses for the orphans through the sponsorship programs. Aiming to improve the quality and lifestyle of the marginalized in India, RCFI hits now Rs.200 million worth sponsorship funding in a year. To celebrate this remarkable achievement RCFI organises around 23 Orphan and widows get together in different Indian States. “To ensure reaching to very deserving beneficiaries, we are paying each single transaction to them through the beneficiary bank accounts” said Dr.MAH Al Kandy, the Secretary General of RCFI in a statement. The program started in the year 2000 provided financial and educational support to more than 12000 orphans so far. He thanked the generous donors and agencies for their tremendous support to this humanitarian movement. The orphan gatherings in Ahmedabad,Kolkatta,Malappuram, and Calicut were attended by prominent personalities and guests and officials. Dr.MAH AL Kandy, Mr.AP Anil Kumar (MLA Kerala) Mr.Maddasar Pattel (Vice chairan, Mumbai PCC, Minority dept.) Mr.Affan Shaikh (President Shan Education Societies) Rasheed Punnassery (Joint Director RCFI) Yousaf Nurani (Project Manager RCFI) and other personalities attended the functions.